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Welcome to new hope

Anybody out there ready to a new truth about health and healing?

I have for 5 years worked in parallel with

and discovered this truth. And a year ago we joined. Now clients of mine are recovered to a point where they can start helping me in different ways and you can see interviews in the substack , where one of my first clients gets a voice.

While Facebook is a dead end in regard to the alternative truths I want to onboard you too, I will try this platform.

Having a few followers before my first post is made, gives me hope.

50% of the population in Denmark where I come from have tried alternative treatment but only a few know why it works. 10% have more or less turned their back to doctors and specialist offers of pills because side effects are too dominant or the effect too small.

I have used 5 years of my life to figure out why and how it is possible to “regenerate” back to normal health from most diseases we call chronic today. I started with an experiment where I gave 4 people with chronic diseases 5 long sessions. What happened? I got so surprised, that I needed to continue.

Did they heal… Of course not. I saw I could stop their symptoms during every session. Symptoms came back after minutes, hours, or days. But I was convinced. It should not be possible, according to the traditional viewpoint. But seeing it again and again convinced me and them. I made life easier for 2 and I continued with 2 and they regenerated slowly.

The ones of you that read this. Which words are allowed to use in this forum?

Cure, heal, regenerate, become better, back to normal? Please comment. As I am on my 2. language and not a perfectionist I have often picked the wrong one. Regenerate is good as there is some new slow persistent power in that word. Because one thing is sure, It takes time

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The transcript from the video

I am a biologist. I have a master's in biology and I'm a certified coach and a certified master in a small technique called EFT. And I have for the last five years helping people with chronic diseases like Parkinson's.

I can help people with stress-related symptoms and diagnosis and that's a lot more than we think is doable today.

Also, a lot of people with chronic diseases like Parkinson's and sclerosis can get help.

I have for three years investigated webpages from people around the world that have become better from all kinds of diagnoses and symptoms. And I have found out which tools they used, their mindset, and life hacks.

The secret is that instead of working with what is not possible, we work with what is possible. And one thing that no one has any doubt about working is that you can reduce your stress and by reducing stress you will reduce your symptoms.

And we don't think too much about what happens when you have reduced all your stress because it will probably take a while. So just continue reducing your stress and see what happens.

And I promise you that you will see one or more of your symptoms become smaller and smaller. I have clients all over the globe. Australia, Europe, England, and the US, Canada.

So, everyone that is in the same time zone where I am awake, I can help these guys. And how do I help them? I help them with first of all knowledge.

That is all the knowledge I have collected in my online course and the ones that want to get really active, can get one-to-one coaching and therapy with me. Online all of it. Zoom calls or it can be via messenger or whatever channel that fits both of us.

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Best regards

Lilian Sjøberg

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Lilian Sjøberg